is the Mobile App & Debit Card Solution 

For Your Business

Does your business need its own payment system?


Use the blinxPay Mobile Wallet and Debit Card Customizable Payment System and Membership Management System for a fraction of the cost of developing your own. 

We offer a mobile wallet and debit card system that your members can use to:

  • pay participating merchants

  • receive instant cash discounts

  • transfer money to other account holders in real time

  • send money to recipients in other countries 

  • Make purchases at participating merchants using the blinxPay  Mobile Wallet and Virtual Account

The blinxPay Mobile Wallet and Debit Card are a highly secure membership management system that can be customized to fit your organization’s needs.  It is a private label solution for a fraction of the cost of creating your own payment system. 

Accounts can be linked to a closed loop debit card that members can use at participating merchants in addition to being able to use the app for payments. 

This debit card can be turned on and off instantly in case their card is stolen or misplaced, giving your members an additional level of security. 

Our membership management system also collects information about your members and gives you valuable insight into their spending habits and behaviors.

Your company and your merchants can use this information for management and advertising purposes to better understand your customers and tailor your products to fit their needs.


Instant Money Transfer

Members can also transfer money to other blinxPay account holders instantly and send money to recipients in other countries using the mobile app.  We keep our money transfer fees low for customers to encourage them to use the blinxPay system and take advantage of its benefits. 

Instant Cash Discounts

blinxPay offers instant cash discounts on purchases made at participating merchants.  There are no coupons to clip, special codes to remember or points to redeem.  The savings to the customer are instant.

Instant Alert Notifications

Instant Alert Notifications help the member manage their account and prevent unauthorized use of their account by others.  The member can sign up to receive text messages or emails if someone tries to use their card while it is turned off.  The can also be notified every time a transaction is made or if they have a low balance.

Easy Access to Transaction History

It is easy and convenient for members to view a detailed list of their transactions using the app.  If they prefer, members are also able to make transactions using our secure website at


Convenient and Easy to Use

The mobile app is convenient and easy to use.  Our most popular money transfer functions are accessible from the main screen.  A member can change their password or PIN at any time using our secure system.  It is also easy to retrieve their user name or reset a forgotten password or PIN with the mobile app.  Our system will send the member a token to verify their identity before sending them a new password or PIN.


•Customizable Program to Fit Your Needs

blinxPay is different from other prepaid debit or affinity programs because we can customize a virtual account to the specific requirements of your company.  A plastic debit card can be added to your program so members have access to a physical card that they can use to make purchases.  The card can be turned on and off instantly in case it is stolen or misplaced. 

•Mobile App and Card Platform Licensing Options

We license, customize, and build membership and loyalty according to the needs of our clients at a fraction of the cost of building your own financial system.

•Provide Data Capture and Customer Information to Increase Your Sales

Since blinxPay processes the financial transactions of its members, we are able to collect valuable data about your customers purchasing habits.  Your company and your merchants can use this information for management and advertising purposes to better understand your customers and tailor your products to fit their needs.

•Earn Additional Income from Member Affinities Program

Participating merchants agree to offer instant discounts to members using the blinxPay system.  A portion of these discounts will be given to the member, the other portion will be divided between your company and blinxPay. 

This benefits the merchant because your company agrees to drive additional business to their store.  Even though the merchant is offering a small discount, the additional traffic brought to their business will reward their customers and increase their overall sales. 

Your company benefits from the discount program by earning income from the merchants.   blinxPay receives a fee for processing and managing transactions and collecting valuable consumer data for your company and merchants.

Click below to watch a short video about blinxPay™

    blinxPay™ Virtual Wallet Accounts issued under license

    from First Citizens Bank, Polson, MT