Veritec Financial Services, Inc. (VTFS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Veritec, Inc. (OTC-VRTC).  Veritec and its subsidiaries offer a complete line of secure verification and financial products including prepaid debit cards, mobile banking applications and secure payment systems.  Since 1982, Veritec, Inc. has been dedicated to providing businesses with secure technological solutions.  In the 1980s, Veritec’s patented 2-D matrix coding technology was endorsed by NASA because of its high level security features.  Today, 2-D matrix coding is widely used in many industries around the world, and Veritec’s code has become the trusted standard for LCD marking in Asia.  Over the last 30 years, Veritec has grown to include 2 subsidiaries, Veritec Financial Systems, Inc. and Tangible Payments. 

    blinxPay™ Virtual Wallet Accounts issued under license

    from First Citizens Bank, Polson, MT