Add Funds to Your blinxPay  Virtual Account to Send Money to Other Members
& Make Purchases at Participating Merchants
Using the blinxPay Mobile App 
●  Turn Your blinxPay Debit Card ON & OFF Instantly Using Our FREE Mobile App or the Internet
●  Add Funds Using Your Credit/Debit Cards or Bank Accounts
●  Add Cash to Your Account at Any Participating Merchant
●  Receive Instant Cash Discounts on Purchases at Participating Merchants
●  Receive Instant Text & Email Alerts


How does blinxPay™ work?

Step 1


•Download the FREE blinxPay app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.  You can also sign up for a FREE account at www.blinxpay.com.





Step 2


Register for a FREE blinxPay Account

•No credit check is necessary.  The app will walk members through our highly secure registration process. 


•To prevent identity theft, we verify each registrant’s identity by collecting their name, address, birthdate and social security number.  Then we check to make sure the information matches the data collected by our identity verification service, IDology. 

Step 3


Add money to your blinxPay account from a credit/debit card or a bank account, or load cash at any participating merchant location.


•Our system requires that the name on the credit/debit card or bank account matches the name of the blinxPay account holder.  This prevents account holders from using a stolen or unauthorized card or account.

Step 4


Make Purchases at Participating Merchants 

•Receive Instant Cash Discounts

Send Money to Other Members Instantly

•Send Money to Family & Friends in Other Countries

Step 5

Turn Your blinxPay Debit Card On & Off INSTANTLY Using the Mobile App

    blinxPay™ Virtual Wallet Accounts issued under license

    from First Citizens Bank, Polson, MT